Update (Feb 20th 2018): we are closer, it looks like March is the month!

Update (Jan 2nd 2018): we are close to complete the community update, we need a few more weeks of testing and updating documentation and it should become public soon during January 2018.

Update (Nov 16th 2017): we are obviously delayed, but with a good reason. we are updating our enterprise core and we want that to be part of community, it will make it a lot easier to support for us and more stable for you. we hope to finish by the end of the year, our commitment to the community edition has not changed one bit.


We received questions as to when the 2017 community update will come, we have planned to make a release in May 2016 but we are in July and still nothing.

Whats going on?

  • We have done nearly 35 updates since our last community release in May 2016, all those went (and still go) to our enterprise customers (that fund our project).
  • During this year we decided to update the core of eramba to make it more stable, compatible with php7,  bug free and ready for newer functionalities.
  • This “migration” is taking longer than expected and thats why did not update the system in May 2017.

Whats the plan? Once the migration is completed, build a 2017 community update. We hope that will happen in September 2017 (is actually looking more like late October now)

We plan to improve the overall experience:

  • Installing the system: we have updated our guides and plan to build new VM’s, include AWS AMIs and offer a very affordable “Install the system for me” service, probably for a 70-100 USD fee.
  • Learning how to use the system: we have made huge improvements on the documentation and its videos, on top we plan to offer online trainings (8-9hs of online sessions that cover policies, controls, audits, compliance and risk) to our community for a modest fee, perhaps 100-150 USD.
  • Fixing bugs: on top of the yearly update, if there is a serious bug, we plan to send an update instead of keeping you all waiting until the next year.

Thank you for your patience!