Get help from the core team

These services deliver monthly software updates and support at the best possible fee. As usual, our code is fully open.

The income generated from these services is what keeps our community alive. We re-invest %100 into the project and retain no profits in order to provide the best pricing possible.

    Community Enterprise


We manage two releases, community and enterprise. See the differences here. While enterprise gets updated all the time, community gets a single update per year.

Community Enterprise Edition


You have a question, an issue, a bug, an idea, we respond you and help you. Our support is primarily over email, but we are not shy of using Webex or phone if needed.

None Unlimited


As we identify the need for patches, we distribute them to our customers

Once a year As needed


As we develop new features, we distribute them to our customers

Once a year All the time


On top of our documentation (which includes videos, etc) we deliver one to one and one to many webcasts.

Nope 4hs dedicated + regular online trainings

Yearly Fee

We will provide you with the source code for you to install eramba on your premises.

Free $2200 / Year


We pride for having a very open-minded custom licensing terms for our customers

Standard See T&C Below


We pride for being as clear and simple as possible when it comes to our promises.

On Premise T&C

We will be happy to chat about your needs and make sure eramba is the right fit for you.

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Questions & Answers

Who are you?

We are a group of 10 to 15 people from all around the world that works on this project at our free time. Back in 2011, We built an open GRC solution and these services provide the funding we need to keep going. Legally speaking, we are a limited company in the UK.

Why do you charge?

Because the project needs fundings (in the range of tens of thousands) to pay developers, testers, security, audit, compliance, risk professionals that helps us putting all this together. You can use all our documentation and software (which you are free to modify as long as you dont redistribute it) for free.

Do you provide consulting in PCI, ISO, Etc?

We have experience but we try to stay away from consulting as it's not our focus. Our idea is to deliver GRC software for free or in the worst scenario, at the best possible fee and to achieve this our focus needs to be the community, the product and its documentation.

I'm using the community version, can I upgrade?

Typically yes, it depends which version you are running. Contact us for to validate how we could make it work.

How do we pay?

Credit cards or Bank Transfers, details here

I'm interested but i still have questions...

Use our form and contact us!