Eramba comes in two versions, our community which you can download for free but includes no support other than our public documentation and our enterprise version, which includes additional features, monthly updates and support from the core team.

The income generated from these services is what keeps this project alive. We re-invest %100 back into this project, we have no intention to become yet another GRC company.

Enterprise Subscription Package

Enterprise Release

Includes our latest features and patches. In open-code format which you can deploy on-premises or cloud.

Install Assistance

If Linux is not your thing - as an enterprise customer you will get remote assistance to install and update eramba.

Online Q&A

We expect customers to learn eramba using our detailed documentation and on top of it every month or so we run online, instructor led Q&A sessions aimed at helping clarify any outstanding issue, question or problem.


Questions? Bug Reports? Feature Requests? We offer unlimited email support to help you get going with eramba.

Software Updates

While community users get one update a year, as an enterprise customer you will get monthly updates with features and bug resolutions.

2500 EUR / Year or
3000 USD / Year
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