Simplify & Centralize Governance

Stop Spreadsheeting. Simplify and make your governance more efficient. Impress your manager with factual metrics, information and reports.


Compliance Management

Define your compliance requirements, map controls, understand and manage your organisation Compliance Gaps in detail.


Risk Management

Simplify the analysis, management and reporting of Asset ,Third Party and Business Risks. Make Risk Management USEFUL.


Exception Management

Temporally approved something and never rolled it back? Manage notifications of Risk, Compliance and Policy Exceptions.


Business Reports & Dashboards

Is about time you impress your board with business oriented, real-time dashboards on Risk, Audit, Compliance, Resource Utilisation, Projects and Control Efficiency.


Audit Management

Automated audit notifications, centralised evidence repositories and great dashboards. Make internal and third party audits simple!


Project Management

Too many ideas and no-one to follow their implementation? Centralise your improvements and their status.


Role Based Awareness

Automate role-based Security Awareness campaigns with videos and multiple-choice questionnaires. Ensure everyone knows what their role is.


Security Control Catalogues

Manage a catalogue of Security Controls. Understand how much they cost, if they work or not, what they do and their relevance.


Business Continuity Mgt

Define and Audit Business Continuity Plans, identify owners and ensure their adherence through automated notifications.



eramba can help you ensure every change on the system is validated, approved and a records exist.


ISO 27001

simplify your compliance trough easy forms, reports and notifications that will keep your key documents updated

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Security Policies

manage your security policies development, review and publication and never miss a policy again!

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Incident Management

Our incident response features enables your team to record, manage, report and respond to incidents systematically.