This post explains how to upgrade your 2016 community edition (version c1.0.6.001) to our latest enterprise release (which you access by engaging with your enterprise services).

  • Make a backup of your current community database
  • Access¬†the table “settings” and edit the database version from c1.0.1.001 to e1.0.1.001 (the only thing that changes is the letter “c” for an “e”)

Screenshot at Apr 13 11-29-55

  • Copy the value for CLIENT_ID, in the image above is the code that starts with ea7. You will send that id to us at so we can change our backend systems.
  • Get our enterprise release version e1.0.6.004 (if you are an enterprise customer we’ll provide you with the download URL)
  • Configure the system as per our install guides, just make sure you point the database to your community database (as opposed to create a new database).
  • Send us an email to with the ID of the app you got before, wait until we activate it (we’ll reply you back).
  • Once that is active, you can clear the cache, update ACLs and pull for enterprise¬†updates.

Screenshot at Apr 13 11-34-44