We have just published our 2018 community release, we know its more or less a year late (we promised a yearly update) but is the best we could do.

This community release is a fork from our enterprise release 52/53, so believe it or not its some 50 releases ahead of the previous community (from 2016).

We have included many things:

  • filters (very useful)
  • pdf exports
  • csv imports
  • many risk, policy and control features
  • visualisations
  • greater user access control
  • custom logo
  • a far more stable product
  • etc

Some features of course remains exclusive for our enterprise subscriptions.

We have updated all our documentation, including videos so please make sure you spend some time with them in order to understand how eramba works. We have also put together two services for community users:

Later this year we plan to update the system again with a completely new interface that will make reporting a ton and a half easier, so keep checking our website!

We appreciate all the support we have received over these years

The eramba team