This post explains how to migrate community 2018 into enterprise. Community 2018 is a fork of enterprise release 52, that means the following:

  • assuming you have a community db and app, move the app folder (probably eramba_v2) somewhere else than the apache root directory
  • get from support@eramba.org release 52 as a tarball
  • untar the package on the place community used to be
  • copy from community 2018 the file app/Config/database.php to your enterprise  app (same path)
  • copy from your community 2018 all files inside app/webroot/files/uploads/* to the same path on your enterprise app (same path)
  • go to app/ and run: chmod +x Console/cake
  • then run (while at app/) Console/cake update deleteCache
  • access mysql/maria db and select the database, then run the following sql command: update  settings set value = “e1.0.1.032” where variable = “DB_SCHEMA_VERSION”;

At this point, you have the new app running. You could login on the page just as you did with the community (we recommend you CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE). Remember, you’ll still need to:

  • Sync Access Lists (System / Settings / Access Lists)
  • Sync Visualisations (System / Settings / Visualisations / Sync Visualisations)
  • Ensure your crons work
  • Ensure everything under System / Settings/ System Health is “OK”
  • Configure your email settings (not available under community)

Hopefully this helps! if you get lost along the migration let us know to support@eramba.org and we’ll help you out.