Dear Customers,

We want to share with you the details of our new release (106.015).  It took ages to complete, in part due to summertime and also because we had to spend some time training a couple of new developers that will be helping us until the end of the year.

Before you go through the lists of things we improved:

  • Have a look at the new workflows feature (video) we are about to build. This will replace existing workflows and bring additional features. Your feedback is important!

Let’s go with what we have done for this release:


  • We expanded advanced filters to the rest of the system: Risks, Third Party Audits, Awareness Programs, Assets, Incident Management, Etc.
  • Filters now allow you to download comments and attachments
  • You can “Sort” your filters output
  • On each of our “Practical Guides”, we documented typical filters use cases (Compliance, Third Party Audits, Risk Management, Etc)

LDAP Integration:

  • Eramba deals now without issues large directories with pagination and caching.
  • We have changed the way “Group” LDAP Connectors are configured to facilitate AD integration, we have also improved the user experience so testing your connectors is seamless.

Awareness Programs – (watch video, review documentation):

  • We always offered the user videos and multiple choice, now we have included “text” so you can display text or html. This is useful if you need to make users accept a disclaimer or make them read a policy.
  • We improved filters so querying who is compliant, who is not, when reminders were sent, etc is far simpler.
  • You can now setup the email that is sent to users and also the reminder

REST APIs – (review practical documentation, API methods):

  • We have built the engine for REST APIs for the Incident Management module.

General Improvements:

  • Eramba now handles more more “Currencies” (System / Settings / Currencies)
  • “Risk Above Appetite” alarm is calculated against the “Residual Risk” rather than against the “Risk Score”
  • You can now check when crontab run on the system and how long they took (System / Settings / Crontabs), this is very useful to debug your system.
  • We improved many user interface details so the user can move around the system quicker

Bugs Fixed:

  • URL redirection sometimes blocked the system
  • Some bugs on Security Services filters
  • Asset Type (Asset Management / Asset Identification / Asset TYpe) was buggy
  • Policy Portal “Logout” button was not working
  • Some bugs related Asset Identification
  • Performance issues when using custom fields and notifications
  • Import issues for policies
  • Some other small things that went undetected by users


  • We have documented a lot of GRC “Theory”, who we do Risk, Compliance, Incident Management, Etc. We have written it in very simple terms, please have a look. We’ll launch webex based trainings using this documentation very soon.

What we plan for September:

  • Filters will save results automatically so you can go back to any past date and see what was the result
  • Filters results can be sent by email as notifications (including PDF and CSV attachments)
  • Correct UI bugs

Kind Regards !

The team at eramba