hello hello! – we are working ultra hard on a large update, not just on the application but on the documentation as well. briefly what things will be new on eramba?

  • workflows (all changes on the system will require -or not if you choose that way- validators and approvals)
  • records (all what happens to an object -a risk, a control, etc- will have records such as when it changed, who did it, etc)
  • UX (we are changing the way eramba looks to make it easier to search, sort, visualise)
  • notifications (this one is big. you’ll get notifications to the people you need in specific situations. a risk changed, a control audit came along, an exception expired, a task in a project did not get an update in a long time, Etc)
  • moving configs to the gui (slowly we are moving all configurations to the system as opposed to text files)

if weather in this part of the planet keeps this ugly, we’ll release this by the end of the year as anyway we cant go anywhere.

see you soon!