Watch this informative video to get you started, it will not take more than 3 minutes.

Some features, trainings and support are exclusive to enterprise customers.


This four session, 5 hs long online training explains using very practical examples how eramba works and how is best implemented. This is the basic training anyone interested in using eramba must complete. Make sure complete all four sessions in the right order!

Episode One

GRC Relationships in eramba, system layout, policy module, reviews, notifications, filters, etc

Episode Two

Internal Controls, Notifications, CSV Imports, Dynamic Status, Reports

Episode Three

Compliance Management, Mappings, Audit Findings, Reports and Login Dashboards

Episode Four

Risk Management, Risk Settings, Notifications, Dynamic Status

Episode Five

Defining your strategy and implementation for users, groups, roles, permissions, Etc


Introductory videos explaining key GRC functionalities covered by eramba. Use the "Basic Four Session Training" to understand how they work in detail and how is best to implement them.

GRC Relationships in eramba

Start here to undertand how the basic GRC relationships work in eramba

Policy Management

Document your policies, ensure they get review, publish them on a single portal, Etc

Controls & Audits

Register internal controls and their testing, set notifications on deadlines, store testing evidence, Etc

Compliance Management

Show how compliant you are to any standard or regulation to auditors and internal stakeholders

Risk Management

Simplify Risk Management and its reviews to ensure it brings real value to your organisation


Additional functionalities that support the GRC organisation

Exception Management

Keep record of every approval you give away and trigger notifications when they expire

Data Flow Analysis

Document each data flow, their controls, policies and people involved. Understand where your data is and how is protected

Incident Management

Record and manage incidents systematically and link them to affected risks, assets, controls, Etc

Project Management

Define and follow up on all projects that build and improve your GRC program

Enterprise Only
Security Awareness

Create multiple, Active Directory related awareness trainings with videos, multiple choices and more

Enterprise Only
Online Assessments

Upload your questions and send them out so your suppliers can log in remotely and provide feedback

Enterprise Only
Automated Account Reviews

Automate the process of reviewing user and roles accounts

Business Continuity Plans

Document your continuity plans and follow up with their reviews

GRC Templates

Native integration with opensourcegrc.org allows you to pull templates directly into eramba


These features are common to all modules in eramba. Use the "Basic Four Session Training" to understand how they work in detail and how is best to implement them.


Learn how queries can be made, stored and notified in eramba

Enterprise Only

Learn about the different notification possibilities inside eramba, how they interact with filters and reports and and how they are configured

Enterprise Only
Custom Fields

Learn how to expand eramba forms to include your own fields and how this interacts with filters and notifications

Enterprise Only
Dynamic Status

Define your own custom status for Policies, Controls, Exceptions, Etc

Filters & Status & Custom Fields & Notifications

The real magic happens when you learn to combine these features!

Enterprise Only

Learn how REST APIs can be used to consume data to and from eramba

Enterprise Only
Compliance Mappings

Keep similar compliance requirement in sync to simplify your compliance efforts

Landing Dashboards

Shows relevant filters counters for most of the modules in the system

Enterprise Only
Graphical Reports

Learn the two basic reporting methodologies and how you can customise your own reports

CSV Imports

Learn how to CSV import data into eramba