We are glad to announce we have put a large new feature that handles system updates. From now on when a new patch or new feature is published users can install them with a simple Click on the System / Settings / Update menu.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.54.47

This features assumes the following:

  • You need to be a valid enterprise subscriptor
  • Your application ID, App Version and DB Version must match our records (you should have sent us that already with the information eramba provides you at System / About)
  • Your unique subscriptor KEY must match our records (that is in a text file at app/Vendor/other/CLIENT_KEY)
  • The IP from where you connect to us to pull patches must be whitelisted
  • You need internet connectivity (with or without a proxy setting) to connect to us
  • You should not have modified the source code (otherwise our patches may create conflicts)

Installing the patch is rather simple:

  • Make sure you are running version e106.002 and database version e101.000)
  • Backup your application (simply copy the entire eramba_v2 folder to another directory) and your database (dump your database to a file)
  • Download the ZIP and place it on your eramba deploy (inside the folder eramba_v2)
  • Unzip the ZIP file, you may be asked to overwrite existing files. Always say “Yes”
  • Go to the directory eramba_v2/app/
  • Run the following two commands from that directory:
    • php Console/cake.php Migrations.migration run up
    •  php Console/cake.php update cleanup
  • Login in the system, make sure at the login screen you see the new version (e106.003)
  • Go to System / Settings / Update
  • The system should check for new updates, a few things can go wrong here:
    • Your application is not registered properly on our database. Go to System / About and send us again your Application ID, Application and Schema Version. Also send us the content of the file app/Vendor/other/CLIENT_KEY.
    • Your internet connectivity is not working, check your server has internet connectity and configure a proxy if needed (look at the documentation page on how to do that)
    • Your IP is not allowed to connect and download packages. Send us the public IP shown to our servers so we can whitelist it.
    • File permissions are not correct. You need to allow your web-server to write  in the following directories:
      • eramba_v2/VERSION
      • eramba_v2/Change.log
      • eramba_v2/app/Model/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
      • eramba_v2/app/Controller/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
      • eramba_v2/app/View/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
      • eramba_v2/app/Config/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
      • eramba_v2/app/tmp/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
      • eramba_v2/app/webroot/ (and all it’s subfolders and files)
  • Important: update your system cache by logging in and going to System / Settings / Clear Cache
  • Warning: we have taken a lot of caution to make sure that even those permissions are granted the security of the product is not conditioned. If you are unsure just allow the permissions during an update and revert them back once completed.
  • Once you go trough this – the update e106.004 will be shown. We created this small patch just to make sure the installation of a patch goes well. Click on it and install it.
  • If that works then from now on all your system updates will be ready to install using that one click feature.

We leave you a video so you see how we perform the entire install and update on a linux box.

Good luck and contact us if you have any trouble