Today 7th of Feb 2016 we are releasing a patch for our enterprise subscriptions using the release If you are not using that version on your system do not use this patch.

The patch corrects the following issues:

  • Issues at Program Health and Compliance Packages and Analysis with older PHP versions
  • Optimise queries used at dashboards to make them load faster
  • Corrects LDAP queries so creating users with large directories is not an issue

And brings the following new features:

  • Allows uploads for Open Office documents

The installation of the patch is rather simple:

  1. Make sure you are running version (the version is displayed at the login page)
  2. Backup your current install (we suggest to copy the entire current application to a temporal folder)
  3. Get the patch (distributed on by email to our enterprise subscriptions)
  4. Unzip the patch in a temporary directory
  5. Copy the contents of the created directory “patch_106001_10602” inside the root folder of your eramba install. You might be asked to overwrite files, simply accept.
  6. Login at eramba and make sure the version displayed is now If this is not shown then the patch was not correctly applied on step #5.
  7. Go to “System” / “Settings” and “Access List”
  8. You will be asked to “Synchronize ACOs”, click there.
  9. Once that process is complete go again to “System” / “Settings”
  10. Click on “Clear Cache”.
  11. Once the process is completed, log off and log on – the update should be completed.

Thank you for your patience on this patch, since reported (on Wednesday 3rd of Feb) we worked as quick as possible to come up with a solution.

Thanks again, the eramba team.