we are releasing upgrade 2.0.10 – please watch the video below to learn this release and what is planned for our next release: 2.0.11

Change log (internal use):

  • Security issues (vulnerabilities) (2033) Status: Dev Ready
  • Advanced filter object is sometimes not initialized after reload (2021) Status: Dev Ready
  • Charts Project: Compliance by Failed Controls (2017) Feature: Compliance / Compliance Analysis In Progress Migration Logic Reports/* Status: Dev Ready
  • Charts Project: Risks Pie by Tags Threats and Vulnerabilities (2016) Migration Logic Reports/* Risk Management / * Status: Dev Ready
  • Charts Project: Controls by Failed/Passed Charts (2015) Feature: Control Catalogue / Security Services Migration Logic Reports/* Status: Dev Ready
  • Charts Project: Controls by Failed Testing (2014) Feature: Control Catalogue / Security Services Migration Logic Reports/* Status: Dev Ready
  • Force admin to change credentials after first login (2011) Settings / User Management Status: Dev Ready
  • Tabs in modal should be scrollable (2008) Feature Filters Status: Dev Ready UX
  • risk charts showing risks by status a bit like compliance (1996) Prio-1 Reports/* Risk Management / * Status: Dev Ready
  • CSV export delimiter optional settings under settings (filters) (1994) Bug Estimate: 1/2 day Filters Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • expand object reminder class to stop when item is closed (1993) Estimate: 1 day Notifications Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • Third Party -> Compliance Package Database Filter bug (1991) Bug Compliance / Compliance Packages Estimate: 1/2 day Filters Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • Remove the API limit from 100 (1990) Api Bug Compliance / Compliance Packages Estimate: 1/2 day Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • Audit notifications trigger when audit is closed (1989) Bug Estimate: 1/2 day Notifications Prio-1 Status Status: Dev Ready
  • äÄéöÖüÜß- not supported (1988) Bug Estimate: 1/2 day PDF Prio-1 Reports/* Status: Dev Ready UX
  • Charts Project: Risks by Mitigation Cost (1985) Estimate: 1/2 day Filters Prio-1 Reports/* Risk Management / * Status: Dev Ready
  • Charts Project: Exception Charts (1966) Estimate: 1 day Prio-1 Reports/* Status: Dev Ready
  • default groups templates with disclaimer “always review” (1951) Estimate: 3 days Prio-1 Settings / User Management Status: Dev Ready
  • Improve dashboard Calendar (1024) Dashboards Estimate: 3 days Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • Client key setting (992) Estimate: 1/2 day Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • recode Dynamic Salt (690) Estimate: 1/2 day Feature Feature: Cake / Architecture / Internals Prio-1 Status: Dev Ready
  • Chart Project: Risk Charts by Role (owner / stakeholder) (1974) Estimate: 1 day Migration Logic Prio-1 Reports/* Risk Management / *
  • Filter organisation Project: Asset Mgt / Asset Identification (1948) Asset Mgt / Asset Identification Estimate: 1 day Filters Prio-1