Today we are releasing 2.0.12, this released focused mostly in slowly trying to improve performance in systems with tons of data – we have focused in custom fields, visualisation and core stuff. We also corrected some minor bugs (user imports being the most important).

Release 2.0.13 will be ready by the end of the month and will make the system handle pagination in a different way, which will hopefully help those of you with thousands of records on a single section.

Change Log:

  • Escape HTML in modals (header footer..) (2061) Esteban Quality Check Status: Dev Ready
  • Remove flag “Critical” from system health for admin password change check (2059) Status: Dev Ready
  • Program Issue – source type filters (2058) Esteban Quality Check Program / * Status: Dev Ready TestCase Missing ACK
  • Project-Filter issue (2057) Bug Esteban Quality Check Filters Security Operations / Project Mgt Status: Dev Ready Test Ready
  • Project owner group missing in filter (2055) Bug Filters Status: Dev Ready Test Ready
  • policy portal guest login broken (2054) Esteban Quality Check Feature: Control Catalogue / Policy Management Status: Dev Ready
  • New forbidden error message (2044) Bug Status: Dev Ready
  • Reports-Filters (2043) Bug Esteban Quality Check Filters Reports/* Status: Dev Ready Test Ready TestCase Missing ACK
  • Cache settings that are loaded to Configure class (2042) Optimization Status: Dev Ready Test Ready TestCase Missing ACK
  • Custom Fields Optimization (2038) Optimization Status: Dev Ready
  • Toolbar cache optimization (2036) Optimization Status: Dev Ready TestCase Missing ACK
  • Custom Field Tab edit issue (2024) Status: Dev Ready
  • user imports are broken (2065) Bug Filters ImportTool Settings / User Management
  • Remove old status manager code (backend) (2041) Optimization TestCase Missing ACK
  • Issues with policies reviews content type (1997) Dev Ready / Developers Esteban Quality Check Feature: Control Catalogue / Policy Management Prio-1