Welcome to release 2.0.16, this release has a focus on improving user experience on the new template and correcting a few bugs:


  • Add API support on Compliance Package Items section (2123)
  • Modified mysql column on all sections is updated on status recalculation and that affects filters update attribute (2117)
  • rollback policy direct link (2109)
  • Migrate Menu Child for Column on Filter (2097)
  • Compliance Analysis Status updates (2085)
  • Filter Re-Organisation (2066)
  • queued emails for notifications (2053)
  • Feedback Notification needs macros and item PDF Report (item) (2034)
  • Filters on index do not show groups just users (2012)
  • turkis characters affecting login names (2155)
  • upload file to whatever php.ini has set (2153)
  • Being able to define column width on filters (1971)

Release 2.0.16 is public on https://roadmap.eramba.org – the focus shifts to new features and small bug fixing. Its expected to be completed in 19-20th April.

Thank you!