Welcome to release 2.1.0, this release has a focus on bug fixing (as usual) and mayor changes on the compliance package section. We also now support php7.(2|3):


  • Vulnerability and threats don’t work (2170)
  • Fix Trash pagination and limit (2164)
  • Filter sync for a new user during first login (2160)
  • compliance analysis helper texts are confusing (2158)
  • Double quote ” character interrupts chart json (2154)
  • remove download pdf from the exported pdf file (2147)
  • Macros sub-dropdown in wysiwyg editor does not work in firefox browser (2137)
  • visualisations is listing sections that are wrongly named (2135)
  • migrate to php7.2 (2134)
  • Pagination limit increase (2133)
  • Bulk Actions generates long url (2131)
  • Default sorting for compliance section per ID (2129)
  • Migration of Third Party to Compliance Packages section (2119)
  • Wrong UX alert for LDAP Test page (2118)
  • Remove the need of IDs on CSV Imports (2111)
  • Request URI Too long (2107)
  • Optimize ObjectStatus Daily Cron TASK (1967)

Release 2.2.0 is public on https://roadmap.eramba.org – the focus shifts to LDAP sync and Crontab improvements

Thank you!