Welcome to release 2.3.0, this release has a focus on improving the Online Assessment portal, optimising the speed of the system when working with thousands of items and general bug fixing, the change log:

  • Log unusually long CRON execution time (2222)
  • Styles for select2 fields are broken (2221)
  • Visualisations are slow with using thousands of items on a section (2210)
  • compliance analysis status not updated on expired finginds (2209)
  • CLI php.ini warning (2208)
  • offline mode after enterprise (2207)
  • reset db functionality broken (again) (2206)
  • Logo upload issue (2204)
  • Helper text-Authentication (2200)
  • internal control maintenance status change has issues con compliance mod. (2198)
  • Policy Download PDF button issue (2196)
  • audit trails miss user_id column (2194)
  • Filter params UX issue (2184)
  • community 2019 (2165)
  • PDF-Fonts issue (2159)
  • New portal for Online Assessments (review the documentation to see all new features) (1336)

Next release is planned to be ready by mid July and focuses in general bug fixing. After that we will work on the base functionalities that will later allow us to finally have workflows in eramba.

thank you for your support!