Dear Enterprise Subscriber,

We want to share with you the details of our new release (106.017)

Filters (updated video with demonstrations on the new feature)

  • You can now tell eramba to store the results of a filter automatically or / and the number of results every day. Imagine you have a filter that shows missing audits for ISO, you can now review what was the result for that query in the past too.
  • You can create a new type of notifications that will send you in CSV or PDF format the output of a stored filter. Your manager wants to know how many audits are missing to this date? No problem, create a filter, then a notification and get it sent as often as needed.

Workflows project:

  • Remember we are changing completely our workflows? We are making progress on object versioning (an important feature of workflows) and you can review how it starting to look on this short video.
  • We are working on the design of the new landing-page dashboard (demo here) which will display information based on who is logged in, show metrics, variations over week, highlight metric based on user defined thresholds, include custom metrics (from filters and APIs).

Bugs Fixed:

  • Filters exports included html tags
  • Strange behaviour while creating items where the form would be completed with previous information
  • Pagination bugs


  • We are working on new videos explaining our Compliance, Control, Policy methodologies from scratch including practical usage. We expect to complete this by the next release.

What we plan for the next release (due for 20-24 of October)

  • We exchanged ideas with a couple of customers and plan multiple UX improvements for the third party audits module (details attached)
  • We have started to review English grammar on our software (thanks to Barry from Scotland)
  • We plan to expand custom fields to business processes and assets (as requested by Paul from Australia and Fabian from Switzerland)
  • Correct annoying UX that sends you to the top of a window once you completed editing an object instead of leaving you on the same place (as pointed out by Shivam from Singapore)

Kind Regards !

The team at eramba