Dear Customers,

We want to share with you the details of our new release (106.018). Following the well known ritual of not deploying new code on Friday, we’ll make the update public next week on Monday.


  • We have updated eramba upside down in order to make it compliant with PHP7, this means you can run eramba on both, PHP5 (as you are doing now) and PHP7 (as you should before end of January when we end support for PHP5).
  • We will STOP SUPPORT FOR PHP 5 in JANUARY 2017 – if you need help migrating your server to PHP7 let us know, we’ll of course help you out.


  • Before you upgrade to this release (on your PHP5 or PHP7 server) make sure you make a full backup of all files and database.
  • Before you run the update you will need to grant Apache permissions to write on the lib/ and app/Test/* directories.

Third Party Audits

  • You can now choose which field from the compliance package display to the person replying the questions.
  • The interface for the individual responding the questions is much simpler and nicer, we also included a “Submit” button so you can get notified when all questions have been responded.
  • You can “Start” and “Finish” third party audits, finished audits are not longer public on the website.
  • We corrected a few issues on the filters, they are much cleaner now.
  • New macro on the email notification that tells you the name of the Third Party it relates to.

Custom Fields:

  • We have expanded them to Business Units and Asset Management

Bugs Fixed:

  • Risk filters now include threats and vulnerabilities fields
  • We now keep a log of all emails sent in the file /tmp/logs/email.log, this is very useful to debug the awareness or notification modules.
  • Crons had a quite serious bug that could lead on a loop which would send many emails.
  • When you edit an object and save, eramba does not take you to the top of that list any more, it takes you back to the object you just edited. This improves user experience.


  • We did a massive update on the documentation, we simplified it a lot and make it easier to understand how each section of eramba relates to another. Have a look on our website.

What we plan for the next release (due for 20-24 of November)

  • Some bugs here and there
  • Mass edits
    • Will let you edit or delete multiple objects at the same time. You will use filters to find out that you need to edit, then click on “Edit” and whatever you tell eramba to do, it will be applied to that list of objects. This feature will only work if workflows are not enabled for that section.
  • Quick edits
    • Will let you edit contents from a filter by simply clicking on the cell (you won’t have to edit the whole object). This feature will only work if workflows are not enabled for that section.
  • You will be able to tell eramba to keep backups of its database automatically.

Kind Regards !
The team at eramba