We are pleased to announce a new release, here are the details of what has been included:

Filters (watch our new video that explains filters in detail):

  • You can now use your saved filters as “default views” for a section
  • Filters can now be public (your filter is available to all users) or private (just for you)
  • Once you save a filter, you can now edit all its attributes at any time
  • We have expanded filters to Security Operations / Project Management

Mass Edits / Delete (watch the demo at the filters video)

  • You can (finally) edit or delete multiple objects at the same time, you just need to filter some data and checklist those items you want to edit.
  • For the time being, we have enabled this feature on Compliance Management / Third Party Audits but we do expect to fully migrate this feature to the rest of the system by January 2017.

Versioning & Trash (Watch the video)

  • Once you delete something (a risk, control, etc) the object will no longer disappear from the system but kept on a “Trash”. You can restore objects from the “Trash” at anytime.
  • Once you save an object (right after you created it or edit it) a version will be stored on the system allowing you to restore older versions at any time. You will also be shown what changes were made on the object in between versions
  • For the time being, we have enabled this feature on Compliance Management / Third Party Audits but we do expect to fully migrate this feature to the rest of the system by January 2017.

System Backups (read the documentation)

  • We have included a backup functionality so you keep your system database (not attachments) backup at all times. Warning! this just makes a backup of your database, not attachments you may have uploaded on the system.
  • We have also corrected a bug on the “Reset Database” functionality

Policy Management (watch the video)

  • We updated the flow that controls policy reviews to make it easier. Once you create a policy, you can only update the version and content (URL, Attachments or Content using our editor) with a review.
  • Have a look on our new documentation videos on how reviews work now.

Email Settings:

  • We now support TLS
  • Warning! You need to ensure your email settings work after updating the system!

Yearly Cron:

  • We corrected a small bug on the yearly cron

Performance Issues:

  • We noticed a few performance issues when using many notifications, in particular con security services. We have corrected this issue too.
  • We also noticed performance issues when using Third Party Audits, we have also sorted that out.

Documentation, Trainings & Forum:

  • We fully updated our documentation portal to be friendlier, have a look on https://www.eramba.org/resources/documentation/
  • We will send a notification soon about a forum where you will be able to suscribe and get notifications on the features we are working or designing. This, we hope, will allow forming “committees” to discuss new features such as EU GDPR.

Random Fixes:

  • We have also made multiple updates on the core of the system, in particular around how the cron call sends emails. The idea is to make it more traceable and stable in case thousands of emails need to be sent. Multiple smaller bugs were also corrected here and there.

Whats for the next release?

We are focusing on completing the new workflow functionality (which is tied with mass edits, object versioning and trash) by mid January 2017, its a large and complicated feature that is essentially blocking us from working on other smaller features, we ask you to be patient!

We will ship the new workflows on these sections for our next release: Risks, Assets, Policies (and their reviews) and Security Services (and their audits).

We wish you all of you that celebrate new years and christmas a good time!

the team behind eramba