We are releasing version 23 with the following updates:

Third Party Audits (Compliance Management / Third Party Audits)

  • Performance improvements in Third Party Audits
  • We included the option for auditees to download findings in PDF format, this is an optional setting you can enable or not. (Documentation)

Project Management (Security Operations / Project Management):

  • Notifications (reminding due dates) at our Project no longer trigger if a project is tagged as “Completed”

Security Incidents (Security Operations / Incident Management):

  • Lifecycle Stages where not available at the time of creating Incidents

Policy Exceptions (Control Catalogue / Policy Exceptions):

  • Policy Exceptions filters no longer repeat items (tags)

Compliance Packages (Compliance Management / Compliance Packages)

  • We have created a compliance package for PCI-DSS v3.2 (we only had 3.1) (Documentation)
  • We included a new functionality under compliance packages to duplicate an existing package, this should facilitate moving from 3.1 to 3.2. Read our documentation for instructions. (Documentation)

General Fixes:

  • Fix for Settings / Custom logo which was not being displayed


  • Update ACLs (System / Settings / Access Lists) after implementing this patch
    Run again your yearly crons if they are showing an error on (System / Settings / Health System)
  • Our next release will be end of January, some details:

We keep working hard completing the new workflow logic which will initially be deployed on Risk, Security Services, Policies and Assets sections. This sections will also include object versioning and mass edits for this sections as well. There will be some updates on filters too (including negative searches) and some core fixes not visible to users.