Tomorrow we’ll be publishing an update for eramba, these are the update details:


  • eramba will now send emails out every day and every hour in order to flush a queue of emails, the queue is visible in System / Settings / Emails on Queue.
  • Corrected Risk Calculation settings for Third Party / Business Risks
  • Included a description for the Risk classification selected while editing a Risk
  • Reviewed Security Awareness module and corrected a few bugs that would affect email reminders. If you have active awareness trainings stop and start them again for updates to take effect.
  • Policy attachment downloads now check also LDAP groups as a part of security check.
  • Security Policy URL validation now allows non-standard (non-qualified) hostnames
  • Shorter cache expiration for LDAP queries (it was 24 hours, now its 5 hours)
  • Compliance findings/Compliance Audit Items – filtered index wont show objects that belong to deleted Third Party Audit
  • Third Party Risk Math calculation formula
  • Crontab health was showing a “Not OK” even when crontab has been running ok, we fixed this warning.


  • A new folder needs to be created in /app directory called “Utility”, the install will try creating it, if it fails due lack of permissions the install will stop (nothing will be affected).
  • A new hourly CRON needs to be included on your Linux crontab. The syntax is the same as the daily cron, simply change daily for hourly. You may want to test it on your browser right after this install is completed. You need to call your system URL, for example: https://mysystem.company.com/cron/hourly/KEY (where KEY is the same key you use for the daily and yearly cron). If you are not sure how to make this work email us at support@eramba.org.

On the 27th of February we plan another update, one that includes the core improvements needed for new workflows and many other improvements, in short:

  • Custom Fields, Tags and “Requester” role at notifications for all exception modules (Compliance, Risk and Policy).
  • LDAP settings will let you input more characters on the filter field
  • Incidents will be “Closed” automatically when all stages are completed
  • Tags on Risks and Filters will “work” (now they are removed if you save and edit the same object)
  • Policy Portal will be compatible with IE
  • Tags will accept (or clean) aphostrophes

After the update of the 27th we will need ¬†couple of weeks to move on with workflows, new filters, object versioning, etc for the core sections of the system. We’ll also try to include more of the features you requested (we really want to do them, is just that we are stucked completing workflows which are hugely complicated to code).

Thank you again for your collaboration!