We are now publishing enterprise release 34 which aims to get some small but important fixes before 35 which will hopefully tackle workflow’s and bulk edits and deletions. What have we done?

General Fixes:

  • Improved error checking and documentation for all three CSV imports (assets, controls and policies). There was a bug (that resulted in a crash) when certain data was input on the system.
  • Compliance Dashboards were reviewed.
  • General grammar reviewed pretty much everywhere.
  • Included an additional language “English (US)”, if anyone wants to volunteer to keep this version updated let us know.

Security Operations / Project Management:

  • Included a new notification for Projects tasks that triggers when no “activity” has been recorded in the last N days (you define the amount of days).
  • We corrected some bug with custom roles and a redirect when using filters.
  • We improved the UX when using tasks by autocompleting dates and tasks orders based on existing tasks.

Compliance Management / Third Party Audits:

  • There was a bug when more than one auditee was configured for a single item
  • We included on the index a direct link to manage audit settings with filters and also a status cell that indicates if the audit is “started” or “completed”.

Risk Management:

  • Risk scores were capped to 4 digits, now up to 6 is allowed.
  • Risk classifications where limited to 4 items, now up to 10 are possible.

Control Catalogue / Policy Management:

  • When creating a Policy, instead of one, now two reviews are automatically created. As always, one is for your “next review” and the additional will include the date you created the policy. It will automatically include the content of your policy (url, version, etc) and is there were you need to attach policies if needed.
  • We improved the helpers text to make things a bit more obvious
  • Policy direct link was missing custom logo settings


  • When you create a User account, the system suggests name and last-name on their respective fields (before all went to name)
  • We now clear the cache for LDAP every time you update LDAP settings, this helps keeping the system data up to date.
  • We reviewed helper texts for all LDAP settings, in theory this should make it easier to understand what each one of them means.

Unless something really urgent comes up, we plan to complete what is missing from workflows until Monday 24th of April. We’ll need two weeks of testing / reworking code and hopefully we’ll have it working and ready for a release.