We have released version 35, here is a summary of what was updated on the system. As usual remember to have backups before you run the update!

  • Updated fields helpers text pretty much across the entire system so its easier to understand what each fields means

Screenshot at May 15 22-40-33

  • Corrected some security issues (XSS on some fields)
  • Expanded custom fields to Security Operations / Security Incidents
  • Risk reviews logic updated

Before this release, when a risk was reviewed, you needed to complete the review (Manage / Review) and then edit the risk with a new “Next Review Risk”. From release 35, when you review a risk you also set the “Next review date” in order to avoid the second step of editing the risk just to set the new date.

We missed a bug that the “Next review” date is not shown correctly on the display (look at the end of the video), we honestly did not realise until we started writing this post! we’ll correct that in 10 days when release 36 is due.

  • Custom Risk Residual percentage scale.
  • Risks PDFs now include the correct Risk “Status”
  • Risks now include by default a “Description” field

  • Risk Threats and Vulnerabilities tags UI correction
  • Security Operations / Project Management completion formula corrected
  • Compliance Management / Compliance Findings now allows you to associate one or more Compliance Items directly