We have completed release 36, before you install make sure you follow this instructions:

Install Warnings!

  • BEFORE you upgrade, make sure you have backups
  • BEFORE you upgrade, clean the system cache (System / Settings / Clear Cache)
  • Make sure your PHP has at least 256M of memory (if you use Ubuntu/Debian) you might need to do this for CLI and Apache. If you need help with this, write to support@eramba.org
  • AFTER completing the upgrade, you need to go to System / Settings / Access Lists and update the ACL:


Scroll down (its a long list) and click on “Syncronize ACOs)


What have we done for this release?

Removed old Workflows – In preparation for new workflow, we have removed all workflow settings from the system. You no longer have the workflow option , status or window before editing any object. We are digging on the new workflows a bit more with use cases and release them shortly.

Advanced Filter Options – We evolved filters so every field has 3 to 5 more conditions “At Least”, “Is Not”, “Is Empty”, Etc. This allows you to play with filters with far more options than we had before.

Bulk Edits We have migrated bulk edits to the key sections of the system (Asset, Risks, Controls, Policies, Compliance Analysis and Third Party Audits).This allows us to use the system much quicker and we expect to keep expanding it to the rest of the system.

Trash & Versioning Core sections(Asset, Risks, Controls, Policies, Compliance Analysis and Third Party Audits) now include versioning and trash, this means changes on every object are kept for you to review and restore if needed.

Visualisation Enforced We are changing eramba to enable more collaboration with the rest of your company, that is why “Visualisations” allows you to grant access to someone to one section and eramba will just display objects that relate to that person.

Advanced ACL – This is not obvious for users, but the core of eramba can not control from one place read, write, visualisation and modification access to every field on every form on every section. This is very important because it allows eramba to control things in far more detail, for example workflows in the future will limit what fields from a form a user can change or not.

We worked on some bugs / features too:

  • After 10 comments the UX would fail
  • Moved filters “pagination” to the top instead of the bottom
  • Included a few fields on the Policy “PDF” and “View”
  • Removed the “ERAMBA:” from all emails being sent out
  • Included on Risk filters the option to search risks by BU
  • Fixed some custom logo issues
  • Risk review date was not properly shown on Risks
  • We removed the login page on the Policy portal if no authentication is selected

Next release?

  • New “Dashboard” section
  • Custom Fields expanded to Projects, Security Contracts
  • Data Flow Analysis (GDPR)
  • Many small bugs again

This is a video that shows what changes have we done:

Thank you for your patience!