We have completed a hot-fix update that fixes and updates the following features:

  • Corrected some filter bugs
  • Corrected filter exports in CSV and PDF
  • Corrected issues with Policy LDAP Permissions
  • Corrected Custom Fields in Security Services
  • Corrected Security Services colours
  • Corrected “Private” filters
  • Corrected formula Risk Management (formula was not displayed)
  • Corrected LDAP settings when using ‘() characters
  • Corrected Project assignation to Security Services
  • Corrected Security Services “Tags”
  • Corrected URL extension limits
  • Included “Add New” button when using filters
  • Migrated Third Party Audits to separate portal

We plan our next release (38) in 10 day, it will include:

  • GDPR functionality
  • Dashboards (Phase 1)
  • Filters with relative dates (Next Month, Next Week, Etc)

Remember to migrate to PHP 7 or you wont be able to update the system any longer after release 38.