We have put out release 39, which is a mix of a hotfix (fixing some urgent bugs) and planned release.

Bugs corrected:

  • We have corrected CSV Imports on Assets, Policies and Security services as they were not importing some of the columns on the CSV and also needed more error checking to help you spot errors on the CSV you are trying to update.
  • We have spotted an issue with the plugin we use for LDAP, it basically messed up (in certain systems) Awareness Programs. We corrected the issue and also provided a “Testing” functionality on awareness trainings that allow you to test your LDAP configurations before (and after) an awareness program is created. Please review all your awareness trainings, instructions are on the documentation and the link above.
  • Included dotx uploads
  • Corrected Custom Fields on Security Incidents
  • Corrected the import of Compliance Packages
  • PDF exports were broken in some sections
  • Policy LDAP restrictions were not saving
  • Compliance Analysis has now multiple select Exception fields
  • LDAP Authentication works on different ports now
  • Data Flow Analysis (Asset Management / Data Flow Analysis) helps organisations to understand who and what controls are involved on every stage of your data lifecycle (when is collected, stored, modified, Etc). It also incorporates features related to GDPR. We’ll soon send invites for trainings.


We have also made a few updates on the way we organise work and releases:

  • We have a new developer on the team, Viktor. His first task will be to expand custom fields and APIs to the rest of the system.
  • We have decided that urgent bugs (those that block a functionality) must take precedence to a planned release and be fixed immediately. Sometimes we would wait to release a bug fix until a release is completed.
  • Our next release will be in 10-15 days and will include dashboards , better filters and perhaps expanded custom fields and APIs. After that we’ll need a week or two to complete the migration of “old” (php5) code. Having backwards compatibility has made development and testing a lot slower (we need to keep an eye on making software work on both versions and we need to test everything twice, in php5 and php7).

Once we complete the migration of old code we will be able to go full speed in the implementation of many new features, in particular:

  • Complete update to Third Party Audits (Vendor Assessments) module
  • Include a few things (mappings, etc) on Compliance Analysis
  • Workflows
  • User / Group settings
  • Extend visualisations to the rest of the system

As experience has shown, eramba gets better one release at time, thank you for your support!