If you have successfully installed 45 and updated the system to match the new system requirements, you will be able to install release 46 which is what we call a maintenance release, is basically an upgrade on the internals of the application with little “user functionality”.

A summary of what this releases accomplishes:

  • Migrates a large part of the core to PHP7 (not really something that changes the functionality but it does make the system a lot more stable)
  • Creating Sec. Services duplicates the number of audits and¬†maintenances you set
  • We make sure you dont run crons using http://localhost/ in order to ensure your install is correct
  • APIs have been expanded to the entire system, we’ll soon update the documentation with details for every section
  • Fixes small bug reports on the system

We have release 47 almost completed it will be public next week and includes: