Release 47 is out and 48 is pretty much completed, we have made a video that explains what new features we incorporated and bugs we resolved.

This update includes:
– Corrected Notification URL on Visualisations
– Corrected MariaDB Health Check version validation
– Assets and now possible to associate to Policy Exceptions and Compliance Analysis
– Corrected some tag issues
– New control audit roles (Control Catalogue / Security Services)
– risk thresholds settings (Risk Management / Risk / Settings / Risk Appetite)
– risk treatment options (Risk Management / Risk / Settings / Treatment Options)
– Custom defined policies types (Control Catalogue / Security Policies / Policy Types)
– Optional (BETA) Google oauth authentication (System / Settings / Oauth Authentication)
– Bug related awareness filters and a few new options (Security Operations / Awareness Trainings)
– Filters pagination Bugs
– Hourly Cron Bugs

Next Release:
– More than one group per user account (System / Settings / User Management)
– All “user” fields will include the option to select “Groups”

Thank you for your support!