We are releasing r53 on Monday the 16th, we have included “small” corrections and one big migration that affects every single section on the system – this migration is required in order to move on with the implementation of the new template (watch video below if you are interested to know more about it).

A summary of what is included on 53:

  • Full CRUD (create, remove, update, delete) migration
  • Minor fixes on policy attachments (in some cases it would show the wrong attachment)
  • Minor fix on awareness module (it would send reminders on the first day)
  • Included policy reviews on calendar
  • You can now clone VAs (from a template for example)
  • VAs can now include tags
  • Notifications where not working well on Exceptions module (bug page shown)
  • Policy portal does not show login page when “public” mode is set
  • Compliance analysis findings now include an import functionality
  • Some minor filters corrections (on assets and asset flows)

Install instructions (very important):

BEFORE you attempt an update:
– Backup your database (System / Settings / Backup & Restore / Download Backup File)

BEFORE and AFTER running the update:
– Clear Cache (System / Settings / Clear Cache)
– Sync ACLs if needed (System / Settings / Access Lists / Synchronize ACOs)
– Sync Visualisations (System / Settings / Visualisations / Synchronise)

When is the next release?

We plan a release by the end of the month, it will include a BETA “Account Review” functionality section and any mayor bug that pops in the coming weeks. Towards end of May we plan to have the big template migration, but is hard to tell for sure when it will happen as its a mayor change.

Thank you for your support