We are publishing release 58 tomorrow Friday the 18th, please ensure you follow update instructions in detail:

BEFORE you attempt an update:

  • Backup your database (System / Settings / Backup & Restore / Download Backup File)

BEFORE and AFTER running the update:

  • Clear Cache (System / Settings / Clear Cache)
  • Sync ACLs if needed (System / Settings / Access Lists / Synchronize ACOs)
  • Sync Visualisations (System / Settings / Visualisations / Synchronise)

The update includes IMPORTANT changes on the system you need to understand:

  • The user management module now requires you to tell for each user on which portal users can login (watch video), this increases security on those of you that use portals regularly.
  • New CSV imports for: Risk Exceptions, Compliance Exceptions, Policy Exceptions, User Management and Project Tasks
  • New Notifications for:
    • Risk Exceptions, Compliance Exceptions, Policy Exceptions, Compliance Analysis Findings and Security Incidents when a status changes (from open to close or vice-versa)
    • All notifications that trigger against a date now have -30,-20,+20+30 on top of the existing conditions (that is the number of days)
  • Custom Fields now allow you to define if they are mandatory or not
  • Awareness Portal now has a logout feature
  • Vendor Assessments can now have their questionnaires deleted
  • Account Reviews module is launched in BETA, this brings a whole new set of functionalities (watch video on our documentation portal)

We fixed a few things too:

  • Notifications when “Sharing” an object so others without access can see it
  • Closure date on Incident module showed 0000-00-00
  • Data Assets Flows in very rare circumstances would not save data
  • Dont trigger notifications for project tasks that are %100 completed

We are now working super hard on the new template, which brings many changes and of course it will be a large release, we expect to be close to release in a month or so.

Thank you for your support!