In preparation for the new template we have published release 63 (previous releases where mainly hotfixes). This release prepares eramba for the new template (a large release that changes the way eramba looks and is used). Starting this release you will need to have installed on your system an additional third party software called wkhtmltopdf which provides eramba with far more flexible PDF capabilities, you will also need to adjust a php.ini setting.

This library DOES NOT NEED TO BE INSTALLED NOW but you will need it in a month or so when the new template becomes available, in the meantime you will get a “not ok” on the system health which wont prevent you from running crons or updating the system.

Please watch this video to understand what needs to be updated:

BEFORE you attempt an update:
– Backup your database (System / Settings / Backup & Restore / Download Backup File)

BEFORE and AFTER running the update:
– Clear Cache (System / Settings / Clear Cache)
– Sync ACLs if needed (System / Settings / Access Lists / Synchronize ACOs)
– Sync Visualisations (System / Settings / Visualisations / Synchronise)