A new release is coming out, we seem to have a reported bug on the yearly cron. The yearly cron is a process that runs on 1st Jan and basically looks at the configurations of your audits and mantainances (for the security services module) and creates new entries for 2019. The bug forgets to copy the roles you set for each one of them (audit owner, evidence owner, etc). This release fixes this issue and leaves your db correctly setup.

We also provide on this release a web interface to test PDF generation, this is important as release 70 will make this requirements MANDATORY – this means that you SHOULD NOT UPDATE to release 70 if you PDF are not working.

After upgradingĀ  to release 69 go to System / Settings / PDF Configuration and make sure the test works:

If your PDF is not working then please review the install guide and ensure your system administrator follows the specifications. Only when this PDF test works you should install r70.

After r70 we’ll publish the new teamplate šŸ™‚