Nearly 6 months of hard work with developers, designers, security experts and testers from all sort of countries (Slovakia, Argentina, Romania, UK, Croatia, Etc) is getting us very very close to a third release of eramba.

what is new?

  • We re-coded the app entirely using the worldwide known framework: CakePHP.
  • We redesigned the interface completely, dashboards and reports look great (check screenshots or the online demo)
  • Improved usability for Risks, Compliance and Audit management. Improved Exports to CSV, Etc.
  • We added a Security Awareness module that will ensure your organisational awareness is well addressed with videos, questionnaires and fancy reports.
  • Esteban stopped coding! given the quality of his code, that’s great news!

The change the tool has undergone is incredible, we basically did it from scratch in order to ensure it’s based on a framework most PHP developers (serious ones) are familiar if needed, integrations and customisations with your organisations is seriously easy.

Give us a a month or so and we’ll full release it.

Stay tuned, happy weekend!