Implementation Steps

Learn how to navigate this learning portal efficiently

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Episode 1

How to get Started

What are the typical community user roadmap until implementation


eramba is completely open and that means you alone can learn how this software works and is implemented, it just requires your time. The typical roadmap for anyone willing to use eramba (community or enterprise) is described in this episode.

If you do not understand something use the forum, if you are an enterprise customer use your support service and email us. If you are new to eramba and you have questions you can also book a demo call but please review the documentation before.

Product Overview

In the begining what everyone needs is a quick overview of our project and our product. This can take you half an hour using the resource listed below.

Please do not click on them now, read this entire episode and then start clicking stuff !

  • Read our website FAQ to understand what we do and how.
  • Review our landing page "Bull-sheet" introduction videos (bottom of the page) to make sure what you need is in theory covered by eramba.
  • Play a little with our online demo, by clicking on "Live Preview"
  • Click on any course (Risk, Compliance, Notifications, Etc) in our learning platform, there will be a short "Introductory" video that explains what the module does for you.

By now you should have a simplistic and quick overview and by no means you should attempt using the eramba. A wrong implementation of eramba will result in a monumental waste of time. Keep reading.

Creating Learning Account

If the overview looks good and eramba does what you need then you need to dive into details.

Learning how to use and implement eramba will take you anywhere in between 4-10 hours and there is no way around it. If you do not understand something use our forum

Create an account (on the top right corner of our website) to track your progress and get certificates when you complete a course.

The learning platform is made of Courses and every Course is made of Episodes. You need to follow them in order and please: no skipping! Is like Starwars, no-one watches The Empire Strikes Back before A New Hope, right? 

IMPORTANT: Learning Steps

The order in which you need to follow the documentation is:

These courses (Risk, Compliance, etc) will redirect you when needed to other courses (Policies, Controls, Filters, Notifications, Etc) on the curricula. Always follow the instructions.

If you need differnet use cases then go directly to these module courses:

Install community or Enterprise

At this point you should know pretty well if eramba does what you need or not, so it makes sense to install the software and prepare yourself to use it with the knowledge you adquired on the previous step.


You got two options:

  • If you purchased our Workshops, then we will start implementing eramba together. This will take up to 6-12 Hs  (at the very most!) and we will schedule Zoom calls to get the work done.
  • If you are on your own, crack on and use the knowledge you acquired on the learning platform.