We are releasing in the next couple of days two new features:

Multiple Risk Calculations: since the begining eramba has been calculating Risk Scores with a specific formula. Trouble is – some other organisations have different formulas and prefer to keep using them. An community at the Government of Spain asked us to include their formula, called Magerit. You can now choose in between eramba or Magerit. Do you want to include your own formula? contact us and we’ll customise it for you.

Advance Filters: we have included (only in Asset Risk Management and Compliance Analysis for now) advanced filters so you can narrow down your searches to the detail. The feature also allows you to save those features (if you want to re-use them in the future) and export in CSV or PDF their output. We are looking at expanding this new feature to the rest of the system in the next month.

The new filters will be expanded in the coming weeks to the rest of the system. They will also include a checkbox in order to make “mass edits”. All that will come in the coming months.

Update instructions: You must be using the latest version that includes self-updates! that is 106.003. You will be downloading the following updates:

  • 106.004 (does nothing, just tests that self updates work on your system)
  • 106.005 (includes new Risk Calculations and Filters)
  • 106.006 (patch to improve system speed with assets and risks)
  • 106.007 (includes Compliance Management filters)

IMPORTANT: we have tested this updates with a few clients and all works well, anyway you always need to backup the DB and app before pushing updates. Ask your sysadmin if backups are available before updating!

Updating should be as simple:

  • Clear your cache (“System” / “Settings” / “Clear Cache”)
  • Search for updates (“System” / “Settings” and then “Updates”)
  • Install one by one

Since many files need to be changed, make sure filesystem permissions have been properly granted to the Apache web server. If the system detects that there are missing write permissions it will display a warning message (and rollback the update). You need to logon on the Linux and chown directories as required (for example: chown apache.apache tmp/ -R)

Once you push updates you might want to refresh the cache of your browser and eramba (System / Settings / Clear Cache). Please do let us know if you run into trouble (you should not as in the worst case you have your backups!)