hello everyone!

we are happy to share with you our big 2015 release ( and a few other perks that happened since the last post in 2014.

  • the new release is really interesting as it improves the user interface, adds workflows (you can define approvals in order to change something on the system), fixes many bugs and improves the overall security of the system. we want to thank Narendra (director at VISTA InfoSec) for their advices on how to improve the product for the Indian community and security assessments on eramba.
  • we worked hard on documenting the new release in order to enable you to understand better how to get things done. our first (of hopefully many more) guide, “eramba & ISO 27001” explains how to implement and manage an ISO program with eramba. we will add more guides in the areas of Business continuity management, Awareness, Risk Management, Audit, etc.
  • you probably noticed the new website , we thought it was about time to make a nicer website. we want to thank Lukas for his terrific freelancing design work.
  • we’ll keep our commitment of at least one well documented, functional release of eramba per year. this yearly release will always include not just patches but new features.
  • we formalised our enterprises services (eramba remains free and open as always), although this is something we have been doing with a few customers for some time already we always kept it quiet as we did not want to overload with too much work. enterprises services is a yearly packaged service that includes installation, training, support, patches and features that might not hit the community version for some time.

we hope to hear from you!

all the best, Esteban