thrill! we have been invited to participate at India’s c0c0n conference (line up is being built) in September the 26th-28th … ! it’s an inmense pleasure which of course we have accepted immediately (before they change their minds!)

i hope eramba version 1.2 will be ready by then (another post with this as soon as we get time) and get to show many ideas we’ve been working on.

on the 26th we’ll be giving a full time workshop session on “practical ISO/IEC 27001” implementations. we mean the real thing, practical things, shortcuts, do & donts  … hands on stuff.

on the 27th we’ll get our 45 minutes of glory on the main conference, not sure exactly the content we’ll be presenting .. most likely an improved version of our ISACA Budapest slides.

wishing you a good summer! (or winter if you are well under the equator!)