We have worked out the general plan for 2016 in terms of product. We have budgeted 1800-2000 hours of development alone (set aside testing, documentation, Etc) from May until December 2016 (this double the entire 2015 development effort).

This is what you should expect:

During May we will focus on building the logic for custom fields, a feature that will allow you to include fields on forms based on your needs. For example, you use Asset management and you need a field “Location” (which eramba does not have now) .. fine, you create one field “Location” as a textfield or drop down (you choose which locations to define) and it will be included on the form. You dont like it? Fine – you remove it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 22.22.39

The new button “Customisation” will be available on the most important features, you will define your own fields using that functionality.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 22.22.47

Once you defined your fields, they will be shown on the form as a new tab called “Customisation” (or the name you defined). All this new fields will be shown on the index of the page and also will be available on the Filter functionality (allowing you to export them). We will include this option in the Security Services feature in the begining until is well tested and later will be deployed on key functionalities (Risk, Compliance, Audits, Etc).

During June we’ll focus on APIs. We have agreed to build a set of APIs so users can pull or push data into eramba from other tools. This will allow you to integrate eramba with other tools in your ecosystem (such as Asset Inventory tools, Service Desk Tools, SIEM Solution, Etc). For example – our SIEM (Logging) solution creates alarms every time a creeping account is detected in our Active Directory – we now want that alarm to become an incident in eramba. With APIs, our SIEM solution will now be able to create  an incident automatically in eramba as soon as the alarm is triggered.

APIs will also allow things such as importing data a lot quicker, you will be able to use spreadsheets and transform them into APIs calls to quickly upload data (you’ll need to know what you are doing tough!).

During July we’ll fix many small things here and there that improves general usability. During August we’ll have an additional development team expanding  custom fields, advanced filters and APIs to include the entire system.

August is a key month as we’ll focus on a large set of features for which we will soon ask your feedback.

In general we want:

  • Implement versioning of any object in the system (so if you edit a Risk you have the “old” version available if you want to use it again).
  • We want to work on far more advance workflows, you will be able to define the status for each object, conditions upon which approvals are required. For example, risks with a score above 10 points must be approved by X and not Y in order to change from status “Created” to status “Valid”.
  • We want to provide a completely new dashboard, where anyone can see what things are in which status, what needs to be approved, what items (Risks, Services, Audits, Etc) are pending for you, Etc.

We expect this to take two months of work – so by October it should be fully functional.

I hope this helps, we are happy to hear your feedback!