Step 1
Basic GRC Relationships

Understand the basic relationships in between controls, risks, compliance, Etc.

Learn the Basics (1 Hour)

These guides cover basic features and concepts used across the system, is really important you get familiarised with them before you start using eramba. Follow the arrows to make sure you cover the entire curricula.

Step 1
General Layout

Basic features arrengements.

Step 2

Core feature to query GRC data and export it as exports.

Step 3

Automate email notifications, reports, reminders and more.

Step 6
KPI Dashboards

Store and visualise GRC KPI metrics.

Step 5
Graphical Reports

Define your own graphical report templates.

Step 4
Access Mgt

Control who can access eramba and what they can see.

Step 7

Customize forms to your needs by adding additional fields.

Step 8
CSV Imports

Import controls, policies and more using preformated CSV files.

Step 9

Add,Update,Delete and List items (Risks, Controls, Etc) using Rest APIs.

Core Functionalities (2 Hours)

Follow every step of the guide to ensure you learn how eramba works! These guides are critical to understand how eramba works at its very core, dont miss any guide if you want to understand how eramba is used.

Step 1
Policy Management

Document your policies, ensure they get review, publish them on a single portal, Etc.

Step 2
Controls & Audits

Register your internal controls, their audits / testing, collect evidence, understand where they are used, Etc.

Step 3
Exception Management

Keep record of every approval you give away and trigger notifications when they expire.

Step 6
Data Flow Analysis - GDPR

Document each data flow, their controls, policies and people involved. Understand where your data is nad how is protected.

Step 5
Risk Management

Simplify Risk Management and its reviews to ensure it brings real value to your organisation.

Step 4
Compliance Management

Upload any standard or regulation in CSV format and demonstrate how compliant your organisation is.

Step 7
Incident Management

Record and manage incidents systematically and link them to affected risks, assets, controls, Etc.

Step 9
Project Mgt

Define and follow up on all projects that build and improve your GRC program.

Standalone Features (1 Hour)

Additional tools brought in to facilitate the work of a Security professional.

Security Awareness

Create multiple, Active Directory related awareness trainings with videos, multiple choices and more.

Online Assessments

Upload your questions and send them out so your suppliers can log in remotely and provide feedback.

Automated Account Reviews

Automate the process of reviewing user and roles accounts.

Implementation Guides (1-2 Hours)

These guides will help you understand how we typically implement eramba at customers

Risk Management

Describes how we implement and monitor a Risk program.

Compliance Management

Describes how we implement and monitor a compliance program.

Data Flows & GDPR

Describes how we answer the question: how you protect your data?

Install & Configuration (30-40 Minutes)

Install from source or use our pre-installed VM and then understand basic access management features.

Install from Source Code

Download our code and install the application on your Linux system using the source code.

Virtual Machine (OVF)

Our OVF compatible virtual machine comes with Ubuntu and most of the install process completed