Get help from the core team

We offer a yearly, packaged, support services that includes installation, training, immediate patch resolutions and features not necessarily published on the community version at extremely affordable prices. With the help of our global partners, we also provide customization and consulting services.

The income generated from these services is what keeps this project alive. We re-invest %100 into the project and we have no intention to become yet another GRC company.

Enterprise vs. community

The diagram below shows the differences in between our community and enterprise users. Among other things such support, installation and training - Enterprise users get patches and new features as needed. Our enterprise release is always ahead of the community release and is the perfect, affordable solution for enterprises.

Our yearly package

We offer a fixed price, yearly package that includes the following services:


Our product roadmap is consulted with our enterprise customers to ensure their needs are incorporated as best as possible on future releases. Features are always first released to our enterprise customers and eventually make part of our yearly community release.


Enterprise Customers can contact us as many times as they need to understand or report things which might not be working as expected. Community users do not get any support other than what is published online.


While enterprise users get access to system patches as needed, community users must wait until the yearly community release is out. We releases somewhere around ten to twenty patches a year.


eramba is quite a large system and the online documentation can be long and tedious to read. on top of yearly support, as part of the yearly engagement, enterprise customers get 3 hours of instructor lead training.


due constant patches and new features, we cant always provide migration in between community versions. enterprise customers are guaranteed that migrations in between releases always works.


As part of the yearly engagement, Enterprise customers get 3 hours of help from our core team to install eramba at an on-premise or cloud based infrastructure.

Questions & Answers

We are a consulting company, do you have partnerships?

Oh yes, and very successfully in particular with consulting companies. In cooperation with our partners, we have run joint training, workshops and marketing events together in Europe, US and Latin America. We provide partners detailed support, product roadmap visibility and of course access to our enterprise services at a discounted rate.

How expensive is your license?

First of all - we dont sell licenses. We sell services to ensure customers that they are supported at all times. Our fees are a (tiny) fraction of what other GRC software costs.

Where are you based?

Our team is spread across Europe. Esteban in Spain, our developers in Croatia, our Security advisors in the UK. We provide support services in English and Spanish.

What happens if you disappear or the project "Dies"?

We have a pretty solid team and customers base to ensure budget over years to come. In the worst case, our community and enterprise customers have the source code so if we disappear they are still able to maintain the software by themselves (anyway, is pretty sure that someone else will pick up from where we left).