Lets help each other!

No matter how good a GRC tool is - organisations need time and knowledge to mature and run a GRC department. eramba works with a network of consulting business that can help you succeed in the monumental task of running GRC.


As partner you’ll have access to discounts for new (%40) and renewed licenses (%5)


You and your colleagues can access our enterprise trainings at no cost

Sales Support

We can remotely help you at your sales meetings with product demos and insights


Over 35 thousand people visits eramba every year - a partner portal will show your company logo and website

Demo Sites

At a discounted fee (EUR 500 / Year) - you’ll have your own eramba instance in the cloud so you can always demo and test eramba

Tech Support

We’ll support you with our standard enterprise technical support


True Digital Security is a holistic IT Security, Information Technology and Compliance partner built around a team of industry certified and government-grade experts


We help build and review security, risk, and compliance programs for companies of all sizes


VigorIT assists with developing businesses towards secure information management with focus on ISMS, risk management, GDPR and IT