This post explains how to update your community release (from May 2015) to our latest release c106.001.  We have also prepared a video that shows how the update has been executed on our servers.

Backup your current deployment

  • Backup your database (mysqldump YOURDB > backup_file.sql)
  • Backup your application folder (mv eramba_v2 eramba_v2_backup)

Get the code for the new release from our website

  • Uncompress the code, the directory will be eramba_community
  • Rename that directory to be the same as the previous version (mv eramba_community eramba_v2)

Patch the database

  • Important: make sure the “email” attribute in your user accounts do not have the same email set.
  • You will need to patch your old community release database to make it work on the new version
  • Use this patch file and apply it to your database (mysql YOURDB < app/Config/db_schema/update-c1.0.1.001.sql)

Configure Database

  • Copy the template file app/Config/database.php.default to app/Config/database.php
  • Make sure hostname, username, password and database are completed

Set the right permissions

  • Apache will need to write in the following directories and files:
    • app/Model/*
    • app/View/*
    • app/Controller/*
    • app/Config/*
    • app/tmp/*
    • app/webroot/*
    • app/VERSION
    • app/CHANGE.log

Run Update Scripts

  • from the directory eramba_community/app/ … run the following two commands
    • php Console/cake.php Migrations.migration run up
    • php Console/cake.php update cleanup

Copy old file attachments to new eramba

  • Copy all files from the uploads directory on your old eramba to the new one
  • cp -a eramba_v2/app/webroot/files/uploads/* eramba_community/app/webroot/files/uploads/

Update mail, LDAP, Etc settings

  • All settings are now moved to the user interface, so read our documentation on how to setup them up all again.

We hope it all went well for you!