This post explains how to upgrade your 2016 community edition (version c1.0.6.001) to our latest enterprise release (which you access by purchasing with your enterprise services). As an enterprise customer if you get lost with all this process simply drop an email to and we’ll help you out.

  • Make a backup of your current community database and application
  • Access the table “settings” and edit the database version from c1.0.1.001 to e1.0.1.001 (the only thing that changes is the letter “c” for an “e”)

Screenshot at Apr 13 11-29-55

  1. Get our enterprise release version e1.0.6.004 (if you are an enterprise customer we’ll provide you with the download URL if you send us an email to
  2. Move the current eramba community directory to /tmp/ or somewhere
  3. Uncompress the version 004 package from the step #1 on the same place where the old community used to be
  4. If you had attachments uploaded to the community, move them to enterprise (eramba_v2/app/webroot/files/uploads/)
  5. Configure app/Config/database.php (you could re-use the same file you had on your community)
  6. Try to login to eramba
  7. Clear the cache (System / Settings / Clear Cache), update ACLs (System / Settings / Access Lists)
  8. Send us an email to with the ID of the app (System / About) and wait for our response
  9. Once we activated your new copy
  10. Make sure all three cron jobs run well (in particularly Daily), you can run them on the crontab or directly on the browser
  11. Pull updates from System / Settings / Updates (this will take a while, look carefully at all the update instructions)
  12. At some point (release 40 i think – there is a large warning) you’ll need PHP7, so stop updating and update your system to PHP7 before you continue.

Screenshot at Apr 13 11-34-44