Since the initial release of eramba (February 2013) we have been receiving quite an interesting feedback from many different countries.

I’ll try to summary them:

  • Upload a “loaded” demo of eramba, making it easier to see the product features
  • Simplify Compliance Reporting
  • Simplify Security Controls Reporting
  • Provide “CSV” ready documents for PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001 to uploaded them on eramba
  • The possibility to add attachments while using eramba for audits
  • Create a centralised calendar, where “Daily” activities are registered (Audits, Control Reviews, Compliance Deadlines, Etc.)
  • Provide more dashboards
  • Multi-language Support (Not included in Version 1.1)
  • More “Interactive” checks, AJAX, Etc (Not included in Version 1.1)

As you can see, we have included much of what was requested on this new release.

We have also included:

  • The possibility to keep track of tasks on all improvement projects and monitor progress
  • Simplify Risk Management by adding a pre-defined list of threats and vulnerabilities

We are happy with the 1.1 release. As you can see, we’ve managed to include most of requested features and even some more from our own. It’s incredible how fast eramba developed in just a few months. We’ll take a few months to go over bug fixing (including security) and improve the documentation on our new website.

As usual, you can clone the code from Github … if you are not sure how to get that done, check our Download page.

Enjoy – Esteban