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Serving thousands of companies around the world, eramba is a popular open Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution

Latest Enterprise Release - August 24, 2022
Latest Community Release - October 21, 2019

We are a GRC community

We are a group of GRC professions tired of spreadsheets, expensive and complicated GRC tools that decided to build a simple, free and enterprise level GRC solution

Simplicity, scalability, openness and affordability!

Since 2010 and based out of europe we have proudly run this project without any profit expectations. We only charge what is needed to operate and mature, that is all

GRC Features

Like you, we have worked in GRC for many years and understand the job well. eramba helps you with Risk Management, Compliance Management, Incident Management, Policy Reviews, Internal Control Testing, Online Assessments, Notifications, Reminders, Filters, Reports.

For every known pain we built a simple feature that makes the job easier and far more professional.

Atypical GRC Features

eramba is not just limited to Compliance and Risk - we have Awareness Program solutions that reach out to employees with videos and multiple-choice questionnaires - Online Assessments to electronically and without mails send questionnaires out and automated Account Reviews that help you ensure systems in your organisation have all their accounts regularly reviewed.


We keep things as open as possible.

You get full access to our code, documentation and product roadmap. You are free to modify our code to suit your needs so as long you don't redistribute it.

Read our detailed licenses for both our community and enterprise releases or check our FAQ if you want to know more about us.

Free & Enterprise

We got two flavours of the same software.

Our community release is %100 free and gets at least one update a year. Our enterprise release comes at a flat yearly fee no matter how big or small your organisation is and includes regular updates and support from the core team.

On-prem Or SaaS

eramba runs on Linux and can be installed on your servers - use our install guides and videos to learn how is done, if you are an enteprise customer and need install help just contact us!. To make things simpler we are soon launching a SaaS service running our community and enterprise releases

Read our FAQ about SaaS here

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