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Access Management

The beginning of your implementation begins by setting up users, groups and access lists - long

  • Episodes7
  • Duration19m 56s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 4

Configuring Authentication

Configure your preferred authentication method

You need to decide how users will be authenticated. Your options are:

  • Local Authentication (default)
  • SAML
  • LDAP
  • Google OAuth

If you decide to use a remote authentication service such as LDAP or SAML you can still create accounts that will use local authentication. This means that 99% of your accounts can use LDAP or SAML, but 1% can use "Local Authentication" even if the portal is set to authenticate with LDAP or SAML.

In order to create this 1% of the accounts, you need to make sure those accounts have the "Local Account" toogle enabled.

In order to use LDAP or SAML you need to create special connectors (see episodes on the Access Management course). Go to "System" > "Settings" > "Authentication" to configure the connectors for your Main portal.