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Awareness Programs

Regularly distribute awareness content to your organisation - long

  • Episodes6
  • Duration9m 52s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 1

Introduction to Awareness Programs

This video introduces you to the Awareness Module and its key capabilities

The Awareness Program module is used to ensure audiences complete regular, mandatory training and disclaimer sign-offs. For each awareness training, you will define an audience (groups and user accounts in eramba), the training that the audience requires and how often they must complete it. 

Training will be delivered to them using videos and/or disclaimer texts. In both cases, you must create the content.

This feature works with an LDAP directory from where eramba will pull the accounts that must participate in your training making it very easy for you to keep updated lists of participants. You can also use local accounts if your organisation does not want to complicate things with LDAP.

eramba will take care of sending emails as necessary based on the participants and the frequency you defined, users will log in and go through your content. You can optionally define a custom-made questionnaire at the end where you will test your user's understanding of the training.


At all times you will be able to tell how many people are in the program and how many of them are compliant and not. You will be able to dig into more detail knowing when they did the training, how well they answered questions, Etc.