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Awareness Programs

Regularly distribute awareness content to your organisation - long

  • Episodes6
  • Duration9m 52s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 4

Creating Awareness Program

How Awareness Programs are Created


In this episode, we explain how Awareness Programs are created based on your strategy.

Creating Awareness

To create an Awareness Program go to Actions / Add and complete the form. Your strategy and good understanding of the attributes as covered in previous episodes should be enough for you to understand what needs to be done.

Bear in mind that when you save an awareness program your content will be uploaded to eramba and that might take some time.


Awareness programs have two possible statuses:

  • Paused: the program won't be active and it won't send emails to its participants
  • Started: the program will send emails as needed to its participants

You can change the status of a program at any time using the item menu option. By default when an Awareness Program is created the default status is "Paused". You need to manually change the status to "Start" for the program to initiate. Emails will be sent the day after you started the program (at midnight)


When an awareness program has been working for some time or you are doing some testing, you might need all "counters" to reset themselves.