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Awareness Programs

Regularly distribute awareness content to your organisation - long

  • Episodes6
  • Duration9m 52s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 2

Awareness Programs Strategy

We discuss strategic decisions that must be defined before using the module


In this episode, we discuss important strategic decisions that must be made before using the module.


The first step is to define your target audience, in particular, you need to define two things:

  • What they need to learn
  • Who they are

A simple schema of your audiences and what they need to learn will help you visualise the content you need to create and how many courses people need to attend based on where they work. The content is often based on a simple Risk assessment, what problems are typical on those teams and therefore they need to be aware of.

The audience can be local to your company or external people, either case they will need an account in eramba.


eramba comes empty, there is no generic awareness training content and therefore is your job to create it. The more "orange" items you come up with, the more content you will need to create.

There are two types of content:

  • Videos: we recommend simply making slides and recording your screen as you go through them. With some basic editing, you can include a voice-over or some music. eramba will not let the user continue until the video is completed.
  • Disclaimer: this is a text that will be displayed to the user, if it is long the user will need to scroll down before it can move on. At the end of the disclaimer, eramba will include an "Accept" button the user must click in.

For each audience, you need to decide what content you want to show, it can be one or the other or both. There are many combinations possible in particular if you have multiple pieces of training, the table below shows one scenario:

While the video has an educational objective, the disclaimer is often used to ensure the user accepts some form of condition, policy, Etc. For each content you create, you will need to define if you need a video and/or a disclaimer.

From the table above we know we need to produce:

  • Three videos
  • Three disclaimers


After the video/disclaimer phase, you may want to ask your audience questions that are often associated with some form of examination.  You can define questions and a multiple-choice system of answers, where only one answer is the correct one.


Every awareness training you create requires a certain frequency set in days, for example, if you want the IT team to complete the General Risk course every 60 days then you need to set the frequency to 60.


At the end of this exercise, you will know how much effort you have in terms of content creation and what accounts need to be created in eramba. You should be able to work out all the combinations and come up with a table as shown above that tells you need 5 Awareness Programs, three videos, three disclaimer videos and two examinations.

The following episodes explain how you can create all this into eramba.